Our History

At the same time, traditional cultures about distillation were never forgotten: the philosophy of our company has always been to wisely join the traditions of the best distillers all over the world and the most advanced design procedures of international engineering companies. A prestigious example of this way of thinking is the cooperation with the "Compania Licorera de Nicaragua" , for which we performed a conversion of the old distillery into a modern multiple effects distillation unit, capable of producing a superior quality "aguardiente", with minimized steam and electric consumption , for the production of their pluri awarded "Flor de Cana" Ron .The strong cooperation with R.L.Seale underlines another fundamental aspect of our company philosophy : to be always a Partner of our Customers, and not just a supplier of equipment.


In 1999 Camuzzi Group decided to sell all its activities. While the corebusiness(gas distribution) was sold to ENEL (the Italian Electrical company) Frilli Engineering was acquired by its General Director, Mr. Andrea Macchia, and by some of the managers working with him. On the 28 September 1999 Frilli Engineering became Green Engineering, a name choosen to underline the new field of the Biofuel plants construction and the strong attention of the company in minimizing energy consumption of the ethanol production plants. Moreover with the cooperation with its new partner CISA Impianti, Green Engineering also became specialist in waste water treatment plants with
Biogas recovery from distillery's slops. In these years Green Engineering entered the Turkish market, realising many turn-key plants for the production of Suma (beverage alcohol from dry grapes) and Raki (Turkish national spirit) for TEKEL (the Turkish directorate for Tobacco). TEKEL was privatized some years later and acquired by the MEY
Group , that still today is a very good Customer of Green Engineering. In Turkey our company cooperated with LIMAK and VARYAP , two among the most important companies specilising in civil works and mechanical works in Turkey. In the same years in Egypt we have been realising a plant that represents an
example of excellence in the field of Extra Neutral Alcohol production : the Al Ahram Beverages ENA plant. This plant has a complex multi-effects configuration that allows for minimum steam and power consumption and produces ENA in compliance with highest UDV/DIAGEO standards



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